Project presentation

With a growing population and energy demand in the world, there is a pressing need for research to create secure and accessible energy options with greatly reduced emissions of greenhouse gases.

International Energy Agency
in Science for Today’s Energy Challenges (2006)

Drivers for cost reduction in STE […]

Improved absorber coating

Improved durability

ESTELA Solar Thermal Electricity Global Outlook 2016
Project members

The project consortium is composed of 4 French research laboratories and 1 industrial partner, recognized in the fields of nanostructured coatings deposition and characterization, low pressure plasmas and CSP applications.

  • PROMES-CNRS Perpignan/Odeillo (coordinator)
  • ICCF Clermont-Ferrand
  • IMN Nantes
  • CEMHTI Orléans
  • HEF-IREIS Saint-Etienne

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