The magic of plasmas…

The IDEFIX plasma deposition reactor at PROMES-CNRS laboratory, used for the NANOPLAST project, is featured on the cover of the photo book “Objets du savoir – À la rencontre du patrimoine de l’Université de Perpignan” (December 2021).

“Could there be magical objects thanks to which it would be possible to acquire infused science? » The University of Perpignan Via Domitia is releasing today a book devoted to its research instruments and its remarkable and unsuspected collections: “Objects of knowledge – Meeting the heritage of the University of Perpignan”.

Over the pages, the authors plunge us into the abyss of scientific research and open the doors of the UPVD’s research laboratories to us through the presentation of numerous scientific tools. Amazing objects that often stand out for their aesthetic, atypical, even mysterious shapes, leading the reader to wonder about their use.

Inside the book, the reactor is brilliantly demonstrated by our NANOPLAST PhD candidate Aissatou Diop.

Photos: Jean-Christophe Milhet / Hans Lucas